Automatically Respond to customer questions, stop spam calls

SuperSmart saves your business money by handling customer support requests that would normally waste alot of your time. Your customers can ask questions over the phone and get answers to their questions using just plain English . You just need to supply SuperSmart with a few sentences (in plain english) about the types of the things customers ask about frequently and SuperSmart can then read that and respond to customers when customers call.

Spam phone calls are automatically filtered since all calls are handled by SuperSmart before they are transferred to you.
Automatically Text Message Answers or Info to Customers

SuperSmart can optionally ask customers if they want to be sent text messages, or messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber . SuperSmart can send customers driving or bus directions to your business, links to your website to order or fill out information and more.

Engage with your customers where they normally hangout and let SuperSmart drive sales and engagement for you automatically.
Relay Answers To Questions from you to Customers

SuperSmart can ask you questions (via text message or phone) when it is asked questions by customers it does not have answers to. Answers from you are automatically incorporated in to it's answer corpus for your business so you never will be asked that question again.

Save your valuable time doing things that add more value to your business instead of answering repetitive customer questions.
Acquire Info or Answers by calling on your behalf

SuperSmart can save you time and money by calling businesses or people and gathering information you need from them. Need to know if a restaurant has availability for a big meeting ? SuperSmart can handle that for you.

SuperSmart can call hundreds of customers on your behalf, ask them questions you need answered, and send you summary of all interactions.